cheapest housing in NYC||Man researching online for cheapest housing in NYC|
cheapest housing in NYC||Man researching online for cheapest housing in NYC|
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June 2, 2018

Cheapest housing in NYC for newcomers

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Whether it is the possibilities, art, diversity or the vibe of a certain neighborhood there is just something about New York City that makes it feel like no other place. The NYC is for sure the city that never sleeps and for most of the people, it is easy to fall in love with. Its diversity gives you a feeling that you are a part of something bigger, and that every corner of the city is the place to see and be seen. Everyone is welcome and fitting in is no problem. Therefore, it is no wonder many young professionals hurry to call the greatest city in the World, their home! Even though, relocating to NYC sounds exciting, promising and even romantic, finding affordable housing will be a different thing for newbies. Getting around in a new environment as buzzing as the Big Apple will be something to get used to. In order to find the cheapest housing in NYC, you should start looking in advance.

Man sitting and looking at the NYC skyline

Finding cheapest housing in NYC will require time and researchFinding affordable housing in NYC means that you will most likely have to compromise. Even though New York City is considered to have high rent rates, some neighborhoods might just be able to fit your budget and lifestyle.

New York City for newbies

The very first thing you will notice, after moving to NYC, is the diversity and freedom. You can use your relocation to reinvent yourself, change the style or even a carrier. This won't be so hard due to the fact that true New Yorkers won't look twice and it is the city of possibilities and job opportunities. We are not saying that you should change everything about yourself. It is just that this might be the perfect opportunity to be and feel as free as you want to.New Yorkers love their coffee, therefore, you can expect coffee shops at every corner, just as pizza. Eating out in NYC is a great opportunity to get to know the cuisine from all around the globe. There are many ethnic restaurants that will have authentic almost as home-made dishes.

Moving to NYC

The relocation to NYC doesn't have to be stressful. All you need to do is to plan in advance. Create a detailed moving plan and follow it. Hire reliable local movers NYC that can help you with any aspect of your relocation. Create a packing plan and organize your boxes according to the room they belong to.

A truck in NYC street

Hiring a reputable mover will allow you to have a stress-free relocationIf you are looking to save money while moving, consider donating or selling some of your furniture and possessions. It will lower the overall moving cost and help you not clutter your new home. Another great tip for moving on a budget is to find free packing material. Visit local stores and ask for boxes.Make sure you are familiar with additional costs and regulations like moving insurance and what you need to know when moving with a pet.

Finding the cheapest housing in NYC

During an apartment hunt, you need to pay a close attention to the neighborhood. Being new in a city as big as NYC will be challenging. However, finding the right neighborhood, that feels like home, will help you settle in quickly. When searching for an apartment in NYC you should look for a home that will make you feel comfortable and fit your needs.Finding affordable or cheapest housing in NYC, probably means that you will have to compromise. It is usually location, living space or finding a roommate. Make sure you have a list priorities even before searching for an apartment. This will save you a lot of time and prevent you from looking the apartments that don't fit your needs. Therefore, if you are moving with family to NYC, think which are the most important feature of your new home. Is it the living space, distance from schools or work etc?

The ways to finding affordable housing in New York City

Here are a few guidelines you can follow in order to find the cheapest housing in New York City:

  • Research the options and requirements for applying for the affordable city housing.
  • Search for an apartment on your own or hire a broker in order to find the cheapest housing NYC.
  • Search for an apartment by neighborhoods.

The affordable housing applications

Remember how Monica and Rachel used to live in a huge apartment next to the Central Park? The answer: rent control!There are a few options when it comes to applying for affordable housing. You can either apply for rent-regulated affordable apartments owned by the city or, if not eligible, look for the rent-controlled apartments. Mitchel-Lamma housing is another great way of finding affordable living space in NYC.

The apartment hunt!

Man researching online for cheapest housing in NYC

Before hiring a broker, search for cheapest housing onlineYou can also look for the apartments online and visit the rental offices. If you are looking to save time rather than money, or just have a hard time finding good housing options, hire a broker. Paying them a fee can end up to be a time-saving solution!

Which are the best neighborhoods for newcomers to find the cheapest housing NYC?

NYC has many great boroughs. However here are a few, that may fit your requirements and budget:

  • Astoria, Queens

Just a 20-minute commute from Manhattan, affordable housing, many international shops, and restaurants are the things that make this Queens' borough so popular among young people, families and NYC newcomers. Astoria is a vibrant diverse community where you will be able to find a more spacious living space at a reasonable rental fee.

  • Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Great restaurants, bars, and artistic shops give Williamsburg its unique hipster vibe. Many young professionals and artists have decided to call it home. This community definitely has the vibe of its own that has nothing to do with the busy lifestyle of Manhattan.

  • Harlem, Upper Manhattan

The long and interesting history give Harlem a unique charm. Music, especially jazz, and art matter in Harlem. Therefore, having fun won't be an issue. The average rent is much lower than in other parts of the city, which makes it one of the cheapest housing in NYC.


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