Calculate international moving costs in advance!||cardboard box|storage
Calculate international moving costs in advance!||cardboard box|storage
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September 20, 2020

Calculating international moving costs

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In order to calculate international moving costs, you will need to first understand where the major costs come from. There will always be other costs, such as various taxes and such, but the main cost comes from three major factors. For long-distance moving, your best bet is to hire one of the cross country moving companies NYC. They will be able to provide you with the best information, and all the services you might need. You can settle on the costs before you spend a dime. But for now, this article will cover the main factors for calculating the costs of international moving.

3 ways of calculating international moving costs

Here are the three main factors that decide the overall cost:

  1. Packing and unpacking
  2. International moving costs - Storage costs
  3. Transport
cardboard box

One of the moving services that cost extra - packing and unpacking services.

1. Packing and unpacking

To start things off, packing is a process that most people choose to do themselves. However, packing for international transport is a bit different than regular packing. You will need to secure your belongings even further, with the use of quality packing materials. Or you can hire a moving company, such as Capital City Movers NYC to do it for you. This will be an added cost, true, but it will save you a lot of valuable time. And you can rest assured that your belongings are packed properly for international transport. For the former, most of your costs will be from the materials and containers themselves, and for the latter, you will need to contact a moving company to find out exactly how much it would cost.

2. International moving costs - storage costs

The next big factor in calculating costs is the cost of storage. When dealing with international shipping, there are always situations where you might need to pay for storage, due to circumstances. You will not have easy options, such as free storage NYC, at your disposal, so you need to familiarize yourself with potential costs. Talk with your service provider and ask them for information about potential storage costs. Those can rack up pretty fast and you need to know about the potential costs.


Ask your mover for information about storage costs.

3. Transport

Finally, there is the cost of the transport itself. Your belongings have two main ways of traveling, via:

  • Air transport
  • Sea transport

The difference in cost is quite dramatic, with air transport being considerably more expensive. However, both sea and air freight have their pros and cons which you need to understand before shipping your belongings. What you can do is combine the two, shipping some of your items by sea and some by air. Make sure that you contact the proper authorities before shipping anything, though. There are a lot of rules and regulations that govern international shipping and you don't want to have any problems because of a lack of knowledge. Again, you may choose to go with a moving company and have them sort all of that for you. That is usually the best option at your disposal.


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