friends holding hands|Charlie Chaplin figurine|Hands holding money|classes can be a great way to find friends in NYC
friends holding hands|Charlie Chaplin figurine|Hands holding money|classes can be a great way to find friends in NYC
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June 16, 2019

Best ways to find friends in NYC

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Friends are important - right? They are our support systems when we need help - and they are also there when we are bored. Moving to a new location means being away from the people you know. When moving with residential moving companies NYC, a lot of people are worried about losing their friends. They fear that people in New York just won't accept them, or that the pace of the city will be just too much for them. Finally, they might also worry about not knowing where exactly to look for new friends. However, this doesn't need to be scary! There are many ways to find friends in NYC! All you need to do is just to know where to look for them. That's why in this article, we give you some of the best locations and activities that you need for making a new group of friends!

Taking a class is a great way to find friends in NYC

When was the last time you took a class? Did you learn something new recently? Perhaps a language you always wanted to speak but never got the chance? Or maybe it's time to learn how to bake delicious desserts. Whatever the case it - there are many classes you can take in New York City. The city is so big that there probably is a class on every single skill you might think of developing!

classes can be a great way to find friends in NYC

Learn a new skill and make friends.And what better way to find friends in NYC than to learn something together? The classes already give you something in common - which is usually an important thing when making friendships. They also give you the same footing, creating peers out of all sorts of people. Whether you are learning how to make neon signs, pottery or parkour, you will all know literally nothing about the craft. After all, that's why you are in the same class.Even better, if you are moving with family NYC offers a huge amount of activities for all of you. You can take a family class and this way, you can help your kids find friends in NYC too! Since moving can be extra stressful for them, this little boost will mean a lot!

New York is the city for showmen

Now, there is a reason why New York City is so popular in modern media. It is a city that never sleeps, but also a city of performers! Just take a stroll through many of New York's streets and you are sure to run into at least one performance - wherever you are! So, why wouldn't you use that fact to find friends in NYC?

Charlie Chaplin figurine

Will you be the next Chaplin?We cannot even begin to talk about just how many improv clubs in New York there are. All you need to do is find one near you and walk into it when it opens. Inside, you will find two best ice breakers in the world - laughter and beer! The atmosphere inside these places is always welcoming. People come here to have fun, after all!What differs comedy shows from improvs though is how personal they are. When you watch a comedy show, there is a script involved and a performer who does their routines. Improvs are somewhat different. They usually want the audience to participate as well! But don't worry - if you have stage fright, you usually won't wound up under the spotlight. Sometimes, just a clever idea or loud applause is enough. Still, this way, improv shows create a group from an audience - and thus a perfect place to meet new people and find friends. Also, if you liked the show, don't be afraid to congratulate the performers. They will love to hear your opinion on it!

Volunteering is always a great way to find friends in NYC

One of the best options on our list is volunteering, and there are multiple reasons for it. First and foremost, you will be giving something back to the community. This makes you a part of the community immediately after your move. If this is not one of the main points of success after NYC move, we don't really know what is!

Hands holding money

Lend a helping hand.What's more, volunteering will give you a fantastic feeling, but it is also a great chance to find friends in NYC. Trust us - there are no better people than volunteers! They are giving away their time to those who need it, so they are friendly and kind. Friends you can make in your volunteer group will be friends for life.Finally, you will be improving the world you live in. Whether you are helping paint the benches at your local playground or feeding the homeless, you are giving back to the world. Nothing can replace that!

The internet is a great tool

Finally, if none of these methods to find friends in NYC appeal to you, you can always search online. The internet is a great tool for finding friends, and if you want to save money after NYC move - so don't have much to spend on class - you can use your computer or phone. All you need to do is use Google and find websites for meeting friends.Of course, it goes without saying that you need to be careful when doing this. The safest thing you can do is find websites that gather groups of friends instead of meeting one on one. You can meet for an activity, and spend a fun afternoon together. There are websites on many topics and those who let you browse what you want on your own. From food and drink to board games and outdoor activities, there are many ways to find friends in NYC. All you need to do is have a will and be open!


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