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September 28, 2022

Best moving-away gift ideas

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So a friend or family member is moving away, and you aren’t sure what to gift them? There are numerous gifts to choose from. Remember that they can be practical and sentimental at the same time, especially if the person you're gifting is a close friend or relative. The best moving away gifts come from the heart.

A moving away gift is appreciated because it is unexpected,and remember that it's always the thought that counts, so no matter what you buy, it’ll mean a lot.

Buying a gift is a great gesture that shows care

When gifting, do it according to how much you know or how long you’ve known the person and where they’re moving to. You don't want to buy a microwave for someone moving internationally.

Below are a few gift ideas that you can implement when purchasing:


Gift card

A gift card is probably the best idea for most people. If you have no idea what to buy or don't have enough time, a gift card is the best solution because the person you are gifting can buy what they need.

There are numerous gift cards to choose from. Here are some examples:

Gas- Will be highly appreciated. If they are moving across the country and using their vehicle, a gas gift card will help with their budget because as we all know, moving isn’t cheap.


Restaurant- This is a good idea. They can use the gift card at anytime. This will help tremendously in the first few days after moving into their new home. The house may not be furnished, or they may be too tired to cook for a while. Getting them a gift card will come in handy.


Grocery store- Get them a gift card from a grocery store close to their new home (if you know the location). Anything to save a bit of money for the will help.


Furniture store- Everyone needs furniture when moving into a new home. This gift card will give them a wide choice, and they’ll be able to buy what they need for the house.


Photo album

Print out all pictures that you have together and make a little photo album or scrapbook. Everybody appreciates a little book they canopen and look back to, especially when they feel down and are missing friends and family.



A journal would be great because they can journal their new journey. To make it more sentimental, get the journal personalized with their name. The journal can have daily devotions, motivational quotes, or personal quotes that you have shared in the past.


A box of memories

This could be anything from favorite letters to each other, a picture of your favorite trip together, or a teddy bear. Think of what you would appreciate if you were the one moving away. You could also add friend shipor sibling keychains.


Moving away dinner

Invite their close friends and family over to your house for a moving away dinner. Cook a hearty meal for them as a gift. Take pictures and enjoy the night. They will always remember the special dinner special you made for them.


Mood notes

You can make these yourself or buy them from a craft store.Mood notes help anyone who’s going through a lot of different emotions. Moving will bring out a lot of emotions, even worse when moving to a new city/country alone.

Make different mood cards that they can read whenever they feel the emotion at the moment. Make it fun to put a smile on their face.



Buy a candle with a scent that your loved one likes and enjoys. Candles have the effect of bringing calmness into the home. The candle will always remind them of you.


Personalized Jewelry

It can be their name or a meaningful word you share.Something small and simple is ideal.



Who doesn't love money? Yep, most people do. Give them money if you have no clue what to gift them. They can use the money to buy whatever they need.

Get them a journal with motivational quotes


Baked pastries

Nothing like a yummy pastry to boost someone's mood.  Get their favourite pastry from their favourite bakery or make the pastry yourself.



Buy them their favorite wine if they enjoy wine and if they aren’t wine drinkers, then buy a bottle of something they enjoy. You can even go as far as personalizing the bottle too.


Coffee maker

If they enjoy a cup of coffee, a coffee maker will make for a great gift. Coffee makers aren’t cheap, so this will be appreciated.


Air fryer

It is sufficient as it saves a lot of oil and energy. It's a quick and easy appliance to use, and they can make a wide variety of food in it. Buyone that won’t break your bank, but is of good quality.


Christmas ornaments

This can be extra special if they plan to move around Christmas time. Buy them a personalised Christmas ornament so they’ll be reminded of you when they hang it on the tree.



Compiling a video of good wishes to your loved one is a great way to show them love and make them feel that they will never be alone.Whenever they feel lonely and sad, the video will put a smile on their face.Gather close friends and family and have them say a few encouraging words.



Moving away from close friends and family isn’t easy, and it sure will get lonely once your loved one settles into their new home. That is why gifts are a good idea. The gifts will remind them how much you care and help them cope with the ups and downs of moving.

You don't have to buy anything expensive. The most meaningful gift is what matters.


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