|NYC moving mistakes|||
|NYC moving mistakes|||
Relocating to NYC
August 6, 2017

Avoid the common NYC moving mistakes

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NYC moving mistakes

Don't even think about your NYC relocation if you don't have a plan!There are 40 million moves around the United States in one year. We would love to say that a considerable number of them go smoothly and without any problems, but that wouldn't be true. Most of those moves, in the end, prove to be a catastrophe and leave the moving people penniless, exhausted and frustrated. But, in a way, this is a good thing. Why? Because you can learn from other people's mistakes. You can see what they did wrong and start from there. Relocating to New York means that millions of people have done it before you. You can avoid most common NYC moving mistakes and make sure that your NYC relocation is right according to plan! Before we focus specifically on New York, let's see what moving mistakes you need to avoid altogether, regardless of where are you moving to. Here's what you should do to avoid making a mistake while moving to NYC.

What are the biggest moving mistakes people make all over the country?

  • Making a relocation plan - This is the most important thing you need to have in mind. Without this, any relocation is doomed. But, the good thing is that a plan is easy to make. It's the delivery of it that can cause you trouble. The important thing to know is that for any relocation, especially when you are moving to such a big city as New York, making a plan is crucial.
  • Hire a respectable moving company - There is no bigger decision you can make in a relocation process. If you hire a respectable NYC moving company, that shares your ideas and values, your relocation will be a piece of cake. Make sure that you have chosen a company having enough experience, knowledge and that treats their customers with respect. In addition, look up if the company also offers additional moving services, so that you can stop worrying about other things as well.
  • Not worrying and stressing about the relocation - NYC usually isn't referred to as the calmest city in the world, so your relocation probably won't be. But the more you stress about it, the worse will it be. We in Capital City movers believe that relocations can be done with excitement and love, and we don't like to see our customers upset. Reducing stress when relocating to NYC is difficult, but not impossible. And we will be there the entire time.

One of the biggest NYC moving mistakes is looking to move cheap

To escape jumipng into serious troubles, avoid NYC moving mistakes

Avoid NYC moving mistakes, or prepare to get in serious troublesNYC scores high on many awesome lists, but not on the one with cheap cities to live in. Too bad, but that is how things are. So, people often move out quickly after coming to NYC, because they ran out of money. This is probably the biggest NYC moving mistakes, but it can easily be avoided. If you approach New York relocation properly, it won't happen to you. Here are a couple of tips that will help you get going:

  • Make a moving budget and stick to it - Before you even start organizing and planning your relocation, you need to know how much money you have. This means that you need to see what you can't afford and find cheaper substitutes in case your budget isn't satisfying. Also, we suggest avoiding to spend all of your savings on the move itself. You are gonna need money to get you on your feet once you moved to New York. Keep this in mind!
  • Reduce costs when moving by being smart - If you start doing things on time, you are going to spend a ton of money. If you don't buy but reuse and reduce, your budget will increase. Don't be lazy and think of better ways to spend that money when you are living in New York. This will help you stick to the schedule.
  • Enjoy free attractions during your first couple months in the Big Apple - Once you are actually living in New York you're gonna want to try everything. But, this could easily lead to your bankruptcy. So, while you have to watch your wallet check out free NYC attractions. Spend your days enjoying The City without spending a penny.

Avoid the common New York City moving mistakes of not knowing enough about New York

Moving traps- how to escape them

Don't run into the moving trapWe have all seen the movies, the TV shows, the commercials... We may have even visited the city a couple of items. But, actually relocating and living there is entirely a different story. The knowledge you acquire before you are on the Brooklyn bridge with your moving truck, a cat, and three plants can come really handy.One of the first things you should do, before you relocate to NYC, is to choose a place to live. You can't leave this to a chance. Deciding about the neighborhood, building, apartment... All of these need to be done beforehand, regardless if you are buying or renting. Moving and buying a home in NYC can be quite tricky and expensive, but it can be done properly and on a budget if you invest a little effort.Another thing you need to have in mind is that you should check out your NYC home before the actual move. This way you will get important insight. Make sure that you have checked out how much space you have, and if you have access to a basement. If there is not enough, which is almost always the case, you need to consider renting a New York City storage unit. Don't skip the thoughts of how much space you need for your belongings. People always make this mistake when moving to New York. It almost always happens when people move from a house in the suburbs or their family home. If you are not sure if you'll have enough space in your NY home, or uncertain whether or not you're gonna be able to afford a storage unit, then transport only what you will need this season.

Being prepared for moving day is the best way of avoiding common NYC moving mistakes!

Leave nothing to a good fortune! Check out traffic jams, maintenance, blocked road, weather patterns, and free parking spaces. If you are prepared enough, nothing can surprise you and your NYC relocation will be conducted without moving troubles. You already know all about the most common NYC moving mistakes, and you won't be making them. Notify your neighbors that you will be making a lot of noise. Also, make safety your priority, dress accordingly, bring snacks and a lot of water. Let the Gotham City moving adventure begin!


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