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July 20, 2022

9 Things your movers wish you knew

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So you are moving to a new home and have decided to hire movers, but aren’t sure what to expect and what you should or shouldn’t do before the move. Well, we'll share with you the 9 things your movers wish you knew before and on moving day. There are several issues that may arise between you and the movers. That is why you should to ask clear questions before hiring them to ensure both parties are on the same page.

Sometimes you may miss what the movers have asked you to do or to prepare before moving day because of stress or having too many things on your mind but do not worry. Start by doing research and if you aren’t sure of anything, always feel free to give them a call just so everyone is clear.

Prepare a checklist for your movers
Prepare a checklist for movers

  1. Prepare a plan for movers

Movers appreciate a prepared homeowner. When you decide to hire movers, be prepared well ahead of time. Preparing a plan is not hard and should be one the first things you do once you know your moving date. Always have a plan whether you’re moving yourself or not. There are examples of important plans that will help your movers:

  • Floor plan: this plan ensures that movers know exactly where to start in the house. It is especially important if you have a big house and if you have decided to get packers as well.
  • Packing plan: if you have decided on a full-service move, a packing plan is a good idea for packers. The plan should let them know what and how you want them to pack your boxes and furniture. Make a clear plan and hand it to them as soon as they get to your house.
  • Moving day plan: when moving day arrives you should have a plan for your movers and yourself too. This plan should suggest what your movers should and not move and it should also be accompanied by a checklist so they can tick off everything that you’ve listed.

PRO TIP: Always keep copies of your plans with you.

  1. Label everything clearly

Labelling should include all boxes and furniture. Never assume that your movers will know what they are moving based on where the boxes are placed.

Labelling will make everything simpler and easier for both you and the movers. You have no idea how much this helps your movers. Label, label, label. Use a clear marker when doing this.

  1. Let them know about heavy items

You may not think that you have heavy items, but chances are, you probably do. Let your movers know ahead of time about any heavy items before they start moving. This will ensure that they pack the truck accordingly and balance it so it’s not overweight.

Movers need your help almost every step of the move, so make sure you are clear about this so you don't end up disappointed because they are unable to move any heavy items. They also need to know this so they can make sure they have enough man power on moving day.

Let your movers know ahead of time about any heavy furniture
Let you movers know ahead of time about heavy items

  1. Take essentials and valuables with you

Please ensure you take all your valuables and essentials with you. This is for your own safety. You don’t want to find yourself regretting letting the movers move valuables as anything can happen during the trip and unfortunately some items are irreplaceable. It is everyones nightmare to loose important documents/records, expensive jewellery etc. Movers want you to take these with you.

  1. Finish packing before moving day

Don’t let movers come to your home and find you still packing. This is not a good look as it will delay them. Remember that time is money when moving. Do yourself a major favour by finishing packing before moving day. It will make everything easier and save you the stress and money that the movers may charge for extra time.Ask for help from family and friends to speed up the packing process. This is good if you are pressed for time or another option would be to go for a full moving package and hire packers to help.

  1. Empty all drawers

This is something that a lot of people forget to do. Empty your drawers. All of them! It is such a mission to move full drawers, it adds weight and makes the furniture heavier than necessary. Don’t be lazy and skip this step. Drawers can open while in the truck and can cause damages to other furniture.

  1. Do not leave

Do not leave when the movers get to your house. They will need your assistance and may need you to answer some questions while they work. This is also good for you to make sure you are supervising everything they are doing.

  1. Let them do what they're there for

Allow movers to do their job. They are the experts and know exactly where to start and how best to move your items. Do not dictate what they should or shouldn’t do and how they should do their work. Your presence is there for supervision and nothing more.

  1. Plan logistics in advance

Plan the whole move well in advance and make sure you let the moving company know exactly how many rooms you have in your house to make this easier for you and the movers. If you aren’t sure, just ask them to come in and survey so they can give you a proper estimate.

When moving day comes, have the moving plan ready and if you live in a building that requires elevator reservations, do that ahead of time so you have a smooth moving day. This is your responsibility and not the movers. Also, give your movers the correct address to your new home to avoid any delays.


Movers are people too and have feelings, you should always remember that and treat them with respect. They are professionals and know what to do and how to do it. Don’t be controlling as this may end in movers canceling your move and you being stranded. It is okay to ask questions and your movers will always try to answer as best as they can.

If you are moving and need a full-service move, Capital City Movers is here for you. Call us at (718) 619 4881 for a FREE QUOTE and visit our website for more information. Remember to plan everything accordingly and on time to avoid any disappointment.


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