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June 27, 2022

10 Moving safety tips

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Moving comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you need to get everything packed and ready before moving day. You need to make sure safety and be careful while moving items around. Follow these important 10 moving safety tips to ensure maximum care and safety while moving.

Black family moving to new house
Watch your step when moving items

Watch your step

Be very careful when moving stuff, and watch your step. The biggest mistake is carrying boxes or items when you can’t see them in front of you or where you’re going. It is important not to lift boxes or furniture that's too big that you can’t see the floor. This is where friends and family come in. Ask a friend or family member to help you move items, and ask another person to be your lookout guide so, you don’t miss your step.

This is especially important if there are steps in your home. Be extra careful in that case. If you don't have any help, be extra careful.

Don’t put anything on your head

Never carry any items or boxes on your head. Using your head as a carrier can cause major neck and spinal injuries. Use carrier equipment to move things around or ask for help. Make sure you use your hands to carry and not your head, neck, or shoulders.

Use your legs to lift

Lifting heavy items takes a lot of strength, and it is always advisable to use your legs in a squatting position when lifting boxes. This is because your legs have more strength and can balance the weight evenly. If you do this incorrectly, you may injure your back and other body parts. Be very cautious about this.

If you are not sure of the correct position to use when lifting stuff, search online or watch videos for some guidance.

Wear Gloves

Wear protective gear when moving, and gloves to protect your hands from scratches and deep cuts that may occur during the move. Wearing gloves will also give you a good grip when lifting heavy and slippery items. Get the proper gloves with good protection.

Remember that there’s a wide variety of gloves in store. Ask for assistance with the best ones for you.

Double-wrap heavy and fragile items

If you can, double-wrap fragile items to maximize protection. This is also just in case something falls, double protection will prevent any major damage. You can use bubble wrap or a furniture blanket as they offer the best protection for bigger and more fragile items.

Double tape boxes

Double-tape all boxes, especially the bottom of the boxes. This will ensure maximum security. This is especially important for boxes that have plates, cutlery, glasses, etc. Another thing you could do is wrap the plates and glasses in paper before putting them in the box.

Woman Sealing Moving Box
Double tape boxes for maximum protection

Wear the right clothes and shoes

Depending on the type of stuff you’re moving, some items may require special protective clothes and shoes. Shoes that a lot of movers use are similar to construction shoes that have metal at the front. This is a great protective feature in case something heavy falls on your toes, it’ll just bounce off and not cost you any of your toes.

Protective clothing is great for preventing bruising and scratches while lifting. Don’t make the mistake of getting heavy clothes because not all heavy clothes offer good protection. If the clothes are too heavy, you may feel hot in them and will get tired quickly. Get something light that’ll provide the same protection.

Use a moving dolly or blankets

A moving dolly should be on top of your list of moving supplies. It will save you a lot of time. There are different sizes, so be sure to buy one that will carry a lot of your items that you won’t be able to move yourself. Also, buy a dolly that is good quality and durable.

Blankets are also another option for moving furniture from one room to another. Furniture like a coffee table or a washing machine. Just put the blanket under and drag.

Don’t make boxes too heavy

If the boxes are too heavy, you are looking at injuries. Pack your boxes evenly and keep checking the weight as you pack, so you don’t overload the boxes. Don’t pack heavy items in one box and light items in another. Balance the two for better lifting and to prevent your boxes and items from breaking.

When doing this, try not to mix items from 2 different rooms. For instance, don’t put toiletries together with the plates. Separate all items by room and use the same items to help balance the boxes.

Keep hydrated

Drink a lot of water on moving day and while packing. You will need it. Keep yourself hydrated and your stomach full. This will give you more energy. Ensure you eat a good meal and drink water throughout the day while packing and moving. This will ease the long day filled with stress and help you move faster without feeling too tired too quickly.

If you have family or friends over. Prepare a small meal for them too. Add some refreshments because they will also need the energy to help you.


Being safe on moving day is very important. You must put safety first, and remember not to rush the process. Be careful when packing and handling packages. Ask family and friends for help if you’re moving yourself. Good protective gear will save you from getting injured and hurt during the process.

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